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1KeyTools web tool which finds examples of any HTML or script you want to learn. Use the whole web as your html tutor

Kyboma Example Extractor will quickly and easily find examples of specific HTML elements and attributes. The program also offers complete HTML analysis giving a quick and easy way to extract scripts and stylesheet blocks for more experienced users.

Simply select an element and/or attribute for which you want to see examples and press E.

Kyboma will do everything else for you but first highly we recommend for your safety getting Norton anti virus ( coupons available here ):

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– automatically start with the cache for your browser and if nothing is found there continue to search all disks.
– find a few files containing the examples required.
– extract all tags for the element selected.
– give a clear and easy to read list of files and tags found.
– show a reference to indicate in which file each tag was found.
– compile a list of all elements found with a list of files which contain each element
– compile a list of values for each attribute found.

If the initial 5 or 6 files found do not contain enough examples, just press O to continue this powerful search for more examples starting from where you left off.

From the results screen most functions are available with a single key:
– view the source of any of the files in freindly formatted lists of tags and text
– Use Alt+Up/Down to view the source of the next or previous file.
– open the selected file in your browser.
– open the selected file in notepad.
– display a complete list of all scripts found.
– asp scripts are also extracted from asp source files.
– display all style sheet blocks found.

The Kyboma File List screen can also be used to find More examples or to list and select files.

The Kyboma File List screen is a full featured file management and shell program allowing you to move/copy files or open files in other applications.

Both Kyboma File List and Kyboma Show HTML detail remember all your settings, column widths,etc. automatically and restore them next time you start. Even when Windows crashes the last settings used will have been remembered.

Kyboma provides many many shortcut keys, for example:

. to toggle between 2 positions of the seperation bar on the Kyboma File List.
. to open a file in another application (regardless of its filetype).
. to change column width on the Kyboma File List.
. to find and show (or even find AND open in notepad) the next file in the list.
. to zoom in/out on all screens.