What’s New. Version 1.30. Save Sets. Save Page Shortcut Key.

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‘What’s New. Version 1.30. Save Sets. Save Page Shortcut Key.’ – Program Help start.

Version 1.30 – Summary. Main Changes.

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This is a major new version which importantly adds the ability to save sets.
When a set is saved a copy of every page will be saved to the directory entered as well the lists of pages shown on the KybIE screen.

The ability to save sets and load a saved set makes KybIE much more useful for researching topics from the web.
You can make a collection of pages which you want to review again later and keep your copy of that group of pages in a single location (folder) on your disk.

More importantly you can load the set (group of pages) and quickly easilt review the pages using F8 to view each page in turn.

An additional new feature in this version is the ability to save the current page and add it to a list using shortcut key F2 or th IE context menu item.

Images can also be saved using the IE context menu item and will be displayed alone on a blank page when reviewing pages from the set.

  • When grab links to images (e.g. JPEG or GIF files) willl generate a container page that displays the image in IE when shortcut key F8 is used to browse to the next page. [G35]
  • Added Save Set and Open Saved set to main KybIE menu
  • Added Save page and Save Image options. Save Page is accessible through shortcut key F2 from any IE window or using the ‘K Save Page’ option on the Internet Explorer context menu.
  • Shortcut key Ctrl+F2 will first prompt for a directory and file name to save the page. These options are saved seperately for each set and default values for all options used when F2 is pressed can be entered using the item on the Options menu.
  • When pages are saved, comments can be entered. The comments are shown on the lists of pages accessed with Ctrl+Click on a coloured block.
  • Added two buttons to display a web page with a list of all pages in all KybIE lists in the current set and to grab links from the current page. An option is available from // Options / View // which controls whether the buttons are shown or not.

Version 1.30 – List of Other Changes

  1. Check for newer version includes display of a web page showing whether a new version is available about once a month. The filename for that page was incorrect for some values of Windows default decimal char. Bug. Fixed. [G83]
  2. Added menu group Options with seperate options for Save Page, Page Fetcher and Getem operations. The orinal options from the Info sub menu is still available. [G85]
  3. Press F7 with no selection at all and option to grab only selected links is checked was taking a long time to give message that no links are selected. The message will now be displayed very quickly. [G86]
  4. Right-click the Windows caption bar for Kybie and choose context menu item ‘Close’ does not exit Kybie. Bug. Fixed. [G87]
  5. Check for links available offline and adding numbering to the links was done for all pages saved Now done only when Offline links are first shown. [G102]
  6. Check for links available offline was creating empty directories in KybIE cache for cached version of the linked files. Now directories are created only when links are grabbed or copied from Internet Explorer’s cache. [G88]
  7. If any page or componnt file requested is in the IE cache, KybIE’s page fetcher, kybie-pagegrabber.exe will copy it from there. This is much faster and reduces bandwidth usage. [G90]
  8. Check and rerequest when needed of all sub components of a page was incomplete when an already cached version of some components was used. Bug. Fixed. All sub components will now be re-checked when a cached item is reused after a new Getem [F7] or Save Page [F2] request. [G91]
  9. Images with a URL of *.HTM will not display when localised by KybIE. Some sites name images as xxx.htm (e.g. Yahoo photos). This is handled differently by Internet Explorer when the image file is local or on a web site. KybIE now deals with this problem and images will be displayed correctly. [G93]
  10. Subdir of KybIE cache dir used for saving getem info changed to be ~dataYYYY-MM (was ~dataYYYY). This makes housekeeping, removal of getem details that are no longer required easier. [G109]
  11. If another program [e.g. Kyboma or Windows Explorer] is used to delete details of a getem or other internal files, a number of messages were displayed when the KybIE set reuiring the files was reloaded. Now KybIE will just skip those getem / saved items for which info has been deleted. A single error for any set with problem items will be shown. The message indicates that some items were deleted/unreadable. [G110]
  12. If cached links and link numbers NOT displayed. Must press Ctrl+Shift+K twice before will check all cached links and display them. Bug. Fixed. [G111]
  13. If use keyboard shortcuts for offline function re-check for available files and update cached links will not get a message when function is available (non-kybie cached item or no IE window shown). Bug. Fixed. [G112]
  14. Options: download all content of type application AND check 5x time when request again, were eing ignored even when checked. Bug. Fixed. [G115]
  15. Keys for some menu items do not work [or work intermittently] if check “show message” when enter definition for that key. Show message option disallowed for those functions [Affects: Offline functions – show cached links, re-check for available files and update cached links with default keys: Ctrl+K, Shift+Ctrl+K. Also Keys to Show source page: Shift+Ctrl+S, Show latest version of saved page from site: Shift+Ctrl+U, Refresh saved or cached page: Shift+Ctrl+R, List problem files for saved or cached page: Shift+Ctrl+L, Delete page from list: Shift+Ctrl+E [G111]
  16. Check which links available now changed so that a message is shown in IE status bar but no KybIE popup is displayed (or allowed) when the key is pressed. [G112]
  17. Changed name of KybIEs page fetcher to KybIE-pagegrabber.exe (WAS wwwget.exe)
  18. Removed instructions on allowing KybIEs page fetcher to KybIE-pagegrabber.exe access to the net through the firewall when start. With the name change, it should be clearer that the program trying to grab pages from the net after the user has requested them is kybie which is responding to that request.
  19. Added setup icon to program group to add and remove context menu items from the Internet Explorer context menu.
  20. Added IE context menu items to save pages and save images.

NB All registered users of previous versions of KybIE GetEmAll will be able to use KybIE GetEmAll 1.30 Pro without further payment. Users of KybIE GetEmAll 1.20 Pro and above can simply enter their registration code. For users of KybIE GetEmAll 1.17 and earlier versions, please send an email for further instructions by replying to the email you were sent with the registration code.

See also Version History – All versions.

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