What’s New. Version 1.20. KybIE in taskbar

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KybIE is an offline browser add-on for internet explorer. Download the no obligation free trial now.

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‘What’s New. Version 1.20. KybIE in taskbar.’ – Program Help start.

Version 1.20 – Summary

  • New bulllet appearance. KybIE will now be displayed as a more standard window. There is a caption bar with the Set No. and total no of sets. [G75]
  • KybIE now displayed in both taskbar and Alt+Tab list. [G75]
  • Improved Filters for Links. When use “Get only Links Containing” option from menu, names need no longer be entered but will be created to show details of each rule. See Backward Compatibility – Improved Filters for Links. [G73.]
  • Improved Filters for Links. After a rule is edited, the position of the rule in the list will remain the same. [G73.]
  • Enhancements to List of sets.
    1. After change name set – show changed set as selected when redisplay list.
    2. Select current set when first display.
    3. Add key F2 to Change name from select sets screen.


  • List of sets. When select a set and press enter, that set will become the current set. This is a change in behaviour. The previous versions would NOT select the set unless the Select Set button was clicked. See Backward Compatibility – List of sets. 
    NB You can still use either the escape key or press the OK button to exit the select sets screen without changing the current set. [G24]
  • Misc bug fixes.

Version 1.20 – List of Other Changes

    1. New bulllet appearance. The background color has also changed. It will still change to dark blue when a KybIE list or message is being displayed. [G75]
    2. select first set in list will be ignored. Bug. Fixed. [G74]
    3. No Longer need to enter an Order Code in order to purchase. Key supplied based on name from credit card.
    4. Character ] in entered name for rules caused errors. Bug. Fixed. [G19]
    5. If attempt to launch IE fails, error sometimes displayed when try to show help in default browser. Fixed.


    1. Added support for other browsers to show context specific help. Any browser that allows a shellexecute command with URL including specified protocol and target can be used. IE will be setup automatically. For other browsers, to test whether your browser works:
      • manually set entry [Browser For Help]PassURLWithFragment=True in file getemall.ini. Use Help – About to find location of the ini file. It is in subdirectory \param\ of the directory shown for parameters.
      • set entry [Browser For Help]Ac=xxxx>O where xxxx is the full path and file name of your browser and yyy is any parameter required.

        E.g. for firefox installed in default folder, add entries to getemall.ini:
        [Browser For Help]
        Ac=C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe <-url >>O

      • Select any option. E.g. Get Only Links Containing … and press F1 to see the context specific help.
      • If you see the KybIE help file at the correct point, you are finished.
      • If you have problems, delete the entry you added. The help file for the correct menu will always be displayed but not the specific menu item.
    2. If browser to show Help is specified as LinkedIE and the attempt to show help in IE fails, KybIE will now also try to show help in the default browser defined for file type htm in Windows. If that also fails a simple text popup wil be shown as before.


  1. Guardian.co.uk pages do not get localised copy of some IFRAMEs. PRB is caused by tab characters within tag. Tab characters will now be treated as spaces. Bug. Fixed. [G76]
  2. a page from site www.hunimex.com was giving errors when localised images were checked to determine if they were really GIF or JPG and handle correctly avoiding problems. Bug. Fixed. [G78]
  3. First time options is used, a message is shown suggesting restart and saying download types have changed when they have not changed. Incorrect behaviour. Bug. Fixed. [G79]
  4. Show no of sets in yellow box when loading [G80]
  5. Added key Alt+B to set the address bar visible in IE. When use F8 then address bar will be hidden as it contains the local path and filename for the file in the kybie cache. This is desirable as more space is available to show the page. However if user wants to enter a url the usual mechanism using the menus or context menu for IE is inconvenient. Alt+B can now be used to make the address bar visible. [G82]
  6. Added option to program group on Programs (Start) menu so that can start an empty copy of KybIE even when have saved sets from a previous session. Option is called Empty GetEmAll KybIE (do not load sets) [G81]

NB All registered users of previous versions of KybIE GetEmAll will be able to use KybIE GetEmAll 1.20 Pro without further payment. Please send an email for further instructions by replying to the email you sent when you first registered. See notes above on how to keep existing way to enter names for rules.

Backward Compatibility

  • Backward Compatibility – List of sets. When select a set and press enter, that set will become the current set. This is a change in behaviour.
    To give the same behaviour as version 1.15 and previous versions: (backward compatibility) add entry V1.2SelSetsDfltButtOK=True after line [Main] in getemall.ini.
  • Backward Compatibility – Improved Filters for Links.
    For existing users, to keep old functionality (backward compatibility) add entry V1.2EnterName=True after line [Main] in getemall.ini.

See also Version History – All versions.

‘What’s New. Version 1.20. KybIE in taskbar.’ – Program Help end.