What’s New. Version 1.10 [Offline Browser Add-On Help]

What’s New. Version 1.10′ Help.

[Context specific help for Kyb IE Offline Browser Shortcut Keys – function: What’s New. Version 1.10.]

KybIE is an offline browser add-on for internet explorer. Download the no obligation free trial now.

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‘What’s New. Version 1.10’ – Program Help start.

Version 1.1 – Summary

  • Show extra link [Cached] for any linked page already available offline.
  • New keys to show-hide links to cached pages and to re-check for available links.
  • Show next page using F8 – speed increase of 100%.
  • Startup time reduced by 30%
  • Extra options for slow connections

Version 1.1 – List of Changes

  1. Much faster load with many sets and/or many pages of more than 20
    pages. {Ref E110_1}
  2. Startup time now around 70% of time for V1.01
  3. If already have file with PAFN defined for component then do NOT request it (OR check for subcomponents).
    NB This means that a file that was received but not all components were received will not have components
    automatically re-requested when restart.
    For backwards compatibility (to make GetemAll 1.1 behave the same as all earlier versions), set entry
    FasterLoads2=False in param\getemall.ini
  4. New entries in param\getemall.ini to allow backward compatibility with KybIE V1.0:
    FasterLoads1=False – This means that will still check for all components of cached files that already exist if a link
    pointing to the same URL is requested again.
    FasterLoads2=True – This means that no checks for components of cached files that already exist will be done when
  5. Much faster response when use F8 to show next page. Especially when CPU is busy (e.g. playing streaming media) WAS very slow. Result is F8 speed increase of 100%. {Ref E110_2}
  6. Allow user of Lite version to switch off Tips. Make the default for installation Off. {Ref E110_3}
  7. With Lite version, do not show message more than 20 pages when re-start KybIE. {Ref E110_4}
  8. Version check offered at startup – optional with firewall notice. {Ref E110_6}
  9. Other internal improvements to code {Ref E110_7}
  10. Added option to change timeout for get page, WHEN install timeout now 60s. (was 30s.) {Ref E110_8}
  11. Option to always auto-change to HIGHtimeout for re-requested getpage {Ref E110_9}
  12. when List Items Reqd and then refresh a component, List item should be moved to amber list. Old behaviour was a bug. {Ref E110_10 / PRBG32}
  13. Enhanced install procedure – upgrade options with new entries or repair damaged ini {Ref E110_11}
  14. Show and Hide Images now works on frames and iframes as well as the main page. {Ref PRBG54}
  15. allow user to select option to show message (Pro version only) for keys:
    • Toggle Show-Hide Images
    • Toggle Enable-Disable Scripts
    • Toggle Enable-Disable Plug-ins
    • Extra Shortcut Key: Ctrl+Shift+L to show list of components requested or with problems for the current page.
    • Extra Shortcut Key: Ctrl+Shift+R to refresh the current page (and move to Blue list).
    • Extra Shortcut Key: Ctrl+Shift+S to show the link source for the current page.
    • Extra Shortcut Key: Ctrl+Shift+E to delete the current page from the list from which it was shown.
    • Extra Shortcut Key: Ctrl+Shift+U to refresh the current page using Internet Explorer.

    {Ref PRBG55}

  16. Number all links available on page as 1,2,3,.. and show an extra link when the page is already available on your disk.
    New keys to toggle show-hide links to offline pages and to re-check for cached links. {Ref E110_12}

NB All registered users of KybIE GetEmAll 1.0 Pro will be able to use KybIE GetEmAll 1.1 Pro without further payment or need to change registratiion code. Simply install KybIE 1.1 to the same location and select resinstall options required.

‘What’s New. Version 1.10’ – Program Help end.

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