What Is Kyboma

  • What is Kyboma


    • Kyboma means KEy BOard MAnic. The basic thread running through all Kyboma products will be the ability to press a key for *quick* and *easy* access to functions.


    • Much of what Kyboma does differently is hidden.


    • The dialog is much more keyboard based. It will always be quicker to press r to move the split bar across the screen (or back) and show more of the directory tree than to fiddle with the mouse. To list a subdirectory it’s easier to go to the main directory, press Enter to see the subdirectories, move down and press enter again to get the lower level subdirectories. Squinting at the screen to position the mouse correctly each time to double click or hit the + icon will always be more difficult.


    • Kyboma includes zoom keys everywhere including messages. Just press I and see the text and all options on the screen enlarged. Press F to choose a specific font or D to decrease.


    • The main file list screen looks very similar to Windows explorer for most Kyboma products.


    • To make it easier to learn you will be able to do many things with Kyboma in the same way you would with Windows explorer.


    • Two important differences that you will only notice when they become a problem are:


    • 1. Always remember and auto recovery –


    • When you finish using Kyboma or are interrupted with a Windows crash or even a power cut, Kyboma will always remember what you were working on and put it back when you restart.


    • If you start any options screen or browse for files etc. Kyboma will always remember where you were last time you used that screen and put you back to the same place. These are simple function/features but their existence saves huge amounts of time and mental energy required to remember where / what you were doing and they are often missing.


    • 2. Single Consistent interface. Kyboma will work in the same way with the same keys, functions on the same menus and the same shortcut keys on those menus. The same for different versions of windows (unlike explorer, notepad etc which change without any apparent reason at all forcing all who use them to spend time and effort looking for functions that have moved) .


    • Also the same for all versions of Kyboma. Some care has been taken to make sure that the initial versions of Kyboma are designed so that they can be built upon without changing what was there in the earlier version. If you get it right first time why change it?


    • If there are any (small) documented features that are changed in any way in future versions, the Kyboma team is committed to providing a way that an option is available to use the function as it was in the previous version.


    • Consistency also applies between different functions making the Kyboma interface more transparent and thus easier to use.


    • For example:


    • – to change the width of all selected columns, use Ctrl+O to increase, Alt+Ctrl+O to decrease.


    • – to change the height of all selected rows, use Ctrl+W to increase, Alt+Ctrl+W to decrease.


    • – to change the size of the directory tree section, use Ctrl+R to increase, Alt+Ctrl+R to decrease.


    • – to change the size of the text section, use Ctrl+T to increase, Alt+Ctrl+T to decrease.


    – to change the number of fixed columns, use Ctrl+J to increase, Alt+Ctrl+J do decrease.


Links to HTML tutorials

Links to HTML tutorials

    • There are many tutorials available on the internet which will teach you what HTML is and the basics of how to write HTML and create web pages.


    • We have listed a very few


    •  with our comments on them to get you started.



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Where can you find us?

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    • So you will find us all over the place. Including some of the directories and a site on which free versions of some of our software is available. Of course the version on this site has more features and is more advanced but often the free program will do what you want so why not. Click


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