Web Log Anayzer for each Search Term

Web Log Anayzer by Search Term

Web Log Analyzer by Search Term provides stats from a raw log file on users who find your site with a search engine.

This unique software provides a different set of stats to those produced by all other log analysis programs. The aim is to identify which search terms bring the best users and make sure you get the most from them.

Features of the program:

  • Analysis of users is done according to which keyword or search term was used to find your site.
  • As well as total number of visitors who used a specific keyword, the proportion that came with each search engine is shown for each keyword or search term.
  • The number who clicked through to other pages on your site and the most popular pages can be seen for each keyword.

Some other log analysis programs also show some of this information.
The most useful information is however available only with Web Log Analyzer by Search Term:

  • For each keyword or search term, it is determined whether specific target pages were reached. Unique
  • For sites with a ZIP or EXE to download the results indicate whether enough bytes were downloaded for the file to be complete. Unique
  • All of these detailed results can be plotted to see the changes over time. Unique
  • Results can be summarised so that the main info you need (the bottom line) is easily accessible from a single screen. Unique


This analytics program just got a whole lot better. A wealth of new reports and options for extracting the most accurate results.

One example: Plot the searches which include the search term “internet explorer”.

The Web Log Analyzerreport will show an aggregate of all the terms:

  • offline internet explorer
  • how do i use internet explorer offline
  • internet explorer shortcut keys
  • internet explorer offline
  • internet explorer waiting
  • internet explorer slow
  • internet explorer accelerator

Log files of any format can be analysed and the top search terms displayed with the free version.