Web Log Analyzer Help. Select site database on menu File

File . ‘Select site database’ – Web Log Analysis by Seach Term Help.

This is the context specific help for Web Log Analysis by Search Term for function Select site database. It will be show when Shift+F1 is pressed after using menu item Select site database on menu “File”.

It can also be shown using menu item Help for Last Function on menu “Help”.

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‘Select site database’ – Program Help start.

If you have several sites you can analyse the raw logs and create a seperate database for each site using Add new site database.

This option allows you to select a different site.
If you change to a different selected site, reports will be generated for the newly selected site.

The site database used to create a report is always shown in the caption for the report. E.g. The caption for the report showing all search terms is in format: “All Search Terms. Site: xxxxxx. // Log Data Found: / yyyy to zzzz” where xxxxxx is the name of the site database and yyyy to zzzz shows the date range for which log records were found on the database.

The site selected is always shown in the Caption (title) bar for Web Log Analyser by Search Term. This is the site for which new reports are generated and options can be entered. To use a different site, first use Select site database again.

‘Select site database’ – Program Help end.