Web Log Analyzer Help. Add new site database on menu File

File . ‘Add new site database’ – Web Log Analysis by Seach Term Help.

This is the context specific help for Web Log Analysis by Search Term for function Add new site database. It will be show when Shift+F1 is pressed after using menu item Add new site database on menu “File”.

It can also be shown using menu item Help for Last Function on menu “Help”.

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‘Add new site database’ – Program Help start.

Use this option to create a new site database. The new database will always be created empty. It will have a seperate set of groups and targets as well as analysis dates and options.

When you create the new site database you can specify whether to keep additional data that is not used in the present version of Web Log Analyser by Search Term for each logline. The additional data includes Referrer and User agent. This option cannot be changed for a database after it has been created.

The groups, targets, analysis dates and options and the list of log files will all be copied from the database selected at the time the new database is created. To copy all these options from another database, use Select site database before adding the new site database.

After creating a new site database you should:
Use the add button from Add new raw log data to add records to the database
Use Targets to Analyse to specify targets
Use Date range Options for Analyse to enter the date range to be analysed and other analysis options
Select one of the reports from the Reports menu to analyse and create a report.

‘Add new site database’ – Program Help end.