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Support for any problems which are due to errors in the system will always be provided without limit and without cost.

The purchased license for any product includes support - answering of question and help to find soltions to particular requirements - by email. Telephone or on-site support is available if reqired at rates usual for the industry.

We have been writing software for many years and greatly value the opportunity to make our software better. Our motive is to make something good as well as (and most days above) any profit motive.

Whilst we are selling software and therefore have a commercial motive, we do not exist purely to squeeze the maximum amount of cash from cutomers and the suggestions to be found on authors usenet groups that charging for upgrades is a 'good' policy is one we strongly disagree with.

Any license from KBM software includes ALL new versions of the same product, access to a list/database of reported problems together with fixes/way to work around any problem.

If you have any questions or problems with any KBM software product, please either use the form below or send an email:
xml@1keytools.com - report a bug in any of our products
xml@1keytools.com - ask for further information
xml@1keytools.com - contact KybIE development
xml@1keytools.com - contact Kyboma development

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