No waiting for pages with this add on for Internet Explorer

Web Accelerator and Offline Browser for Internet Explorer. Get KybIE GetEmAll now.


Is this program an internet accelerator or an offline browser?Answer:
Both and Neither.Explain:I. How does KybIE GetEmAll work as an offline browser. How does it differ from other offline browser software.

II. Does KybIE work as a web accelerating tool


  • Fast and easy. Get selected links with shortcut key.
  • Remembers all URLs, Links text and Source Page.
  • Use a shortcut key to view each page in Internet Explorer.
  • Free Kaspersky Deals
  • No waiting to fetch pages, faster loading of pages.
  • Start KybIE later (offline) and continue where you left off.
  • For more, see Key Program Features.
Quick Facts:
KybIE GetEmAll Lite
Full working version. Restricted to 2 sets of 20 links.GetEmAll Lite is free. Download: 2M
KybIE GetEmAll Pro
No Restrictions.Price: US$ 29.95 Download: 2M


More Info: Is this program a internet accelerator or an offline browser?

Is this program a web / net accelerator or an offline browser



  • All pages fetched with Kyb IE are available for easy browsing offline using shortcut keys.
  • This program ensures you need never get images twice and you never wait for IE to connect to the site. It is highly effective in accelerating your surfing and reducing frustration.

And Neither.

  • This smart add-on program for Internet Explorer will only fetch pages you request. Other offline browser software requires you fetch whole sites and/or specify complex filters. KybIE has filters if you need them but the easy way is select links and use the shortcut key to request them.
  • Most web / net accelerator software will fetch many pages that you don’t want. KybIE will only fetch pages you request. This is faster and more efficient.

So, many of the advantages of offline browsing and web acceleration but without the down side. We think you’ll love it.

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