Info. Link Lists. Sets – Green (complete) URL-File List

Info. Link Lists. Sets – Green (complete) URL-File List’ Help.

[Context specific help for Kyb IE Offline Browser Shortcut Keys – function: Info. Link Lists. Sets – Green (complete) URL-File List.]

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‘Info. Link Lists. Sets – Green (complete) URL-File List’ – Program Help start.


This option will show the list of Green (available, not yet viewed) links.
It will usually be used with the shortcut key [Ctrl+Shift +G].
From the list, specific links can be requested again, requested in IE, deleted, etc.

This option will show the list of Green links with their details.
For details of which links/pages will be included on the list of each colour see When are links/pages added to each list.

Basic info about the list includes:
Details displayed
Terminology – “Show Offline” or “.. Online”, “Link Source”, “Refresh”, “Delete”.
If a text or URL is too long
The list can be sorted
Show Page
Show Link Source
Open Sel. In …
Options button

Extra functions [sometimes] available are:
Go To Online Version of Page
GoTo Online Version of Link Source
Delete Page from List
Delete All Duplicate Pages
[Refresh Page (Send To Blue)]
[List Items Reqd / Problems]

The List can also displayed using Ctrl+Click on the coloured counter block for the list

The buttons for these extra functions can be hidden / shown using the Options button. The last used (show / hide) setting for options will always be remembered and used next time.

Details displayed includes the URL and title of the page on which you selected the link [The ‘Link Source’ or ‘From Page’].
Also the URL of the page to be fetched [The Link URL]. The final column contains a count of components (E.g. style sheets, images, etc.) which are either requested but not yet received or were received with an error.

Terminology – “Show Offline” or “.. Online”, “Link Source”, “Refresh”, “Delete”.

These terms all have standard meanings on the buttons and titles of this list (and on all other KybIE screens and Help).

“Show” means show OFFLINE copy
“GoTo Online Version” means navigate to the page or image using IE
“Refresh” means request new version and save for offline viewing
“Delete” means remove from list (these options will not delete the page from k cache or the saved folder on your hard drive.)

When referring to pages saved in a KybIE list for offline viewing we usually refer to a Link Page or a Link Source page.
“Link Page” – Page requested or saved. The page could have been requested by selecting Links and instructing KybIE to grab all Links with F7, Using the Internet Explorer context item “K Save Image” to save a picture from a page, Using Enter URL to Grab and Save from the KybIE menu, etc.

“Link Source” – Page from which Link was selected to be grabbed (F7 only. For Saved pages Link source is the same [saved] page]. For a saved image this is the page on which the image appeared. For a URL entered using Enter URL to Grab and Save, the Link Source includes date and time that URL was entered as well as URL entered and how that has been interpreted by KybIE to form the URL to be fetched.

If a text or URL is too long to fit into the list, you can view the whole text using Ctrl+double-click or Ctrl+double-click-key [Z].

The list can be sorted by any column. Simply double click the header for the column or press the sort list key [X].

NB These features and shortcut keys are standard across the Kyboma and KybIE product range. The keys are selected so that the same shortcut keys are available in multiple products.

Show Page and Show Link Source buttons:
For any item, you can choose to show either the Page itself (the page pointed to by the selected Link) or the Link Source (the page on which you selected the link). The cached copy of either the Page or the Link Source will be shown in Internet Explorer (IE).

Open Sel. In …
A group of pages can be selected and all selected pages opened in Firefox tabs using the “Open Sel in FireFox Tabs” button. Other options for opening a group of selected pages will be provided at later versions.

Open in Firefox Tabs.
Firefox version and above 1.5 requires that you select the option in firefox to achieve this.
With earlier versions of Firefox (tested for 1.0), you can manually add a KybIE option to open pages in tabs.

A common request is that all pages selected are opened in firefox tabs rather than in seperate firefox windows. This will happen if you select the FireFox option to add a new tab when a link is passed to firefox instead of opening a new window.

To change the firefox option:
1. Type “about:config” in the address bar of firefox (the place where the url is usually shown).
2. In the space shown for Filter type “tab”. This will select those options containing the word tab.
3. Double click the option “Browser.tabs.loadonnewtab”
4. Change the value to
– 1 – to load all links/pages in seperate tabs on the same window
– 0 – to load a seperate window for each page.

NB This feature requires Firefox version 1.5 or above. At version 1.5 the setting is also ignored if no Firefox window is already loaded. I.e. your pages will be opened in tabs ONLY when there was already a firefox window. AFAICS this is a bug in FireFox and should be fixed at a later version.

Groups of pages from the green list opened using the “Open Sel in …” button[s] are moved to the purple list only if the option to move them is checked. See Options – List n Show

The current values for Show ImagesEnable ScriptsEnable Plug Ins (media player, flash, etc.) and the current value for Offline Browsing – Show Info for each Link are applied to all pages before they are opened only if correspnnding Apply option is checked using Options – List n Show.

To View the page for a selected item, you can also

    • double-click it,


    • use the double-click shortcut key [Z] or


  • select it and press enter.

Go To Online Version of Page
Using this option, the page can be requested with IE. Some pages which use scripts or any pages that require cookies are not suitable for viewing with KybIE.

The URL for the link will be pasted to the address bar of the IE window and IE will be instructed to get the page.

GoTo Online Version of Link Source
This option will get the Link Source again using IE and display it in the IE window.

This is useful if you want to display the most current version of the index for a message board or news site.

Delete Page from List
Links can be deleted when they are no longer required. The item will be removed from the current list and any requests for its components that are not yet started and are not required by other pages are cancelled.

The cached version of the page will only be deleted according to the options specified for the automatic cleanup of the cache. See Options – GetEmAll Options.

All selected links will be deleted and the list will then be redisplayed.

Delete All Duplicate Pages
This option will check for any duplicate URLs in the list displayed only. All list entries will be deleted for which another entry in the same list points to the same URL.

Other lists in the same set will *NOT* be checked. I.e. If “Delete All Duplicate Pages” is used on the green (complete, ready to view) list, pages will not be deleted even if the same URL is in the purple (viewed) list.

Options are also available to check all lists in a single set or even all sets for duplicates from Info. Link Lists. Sets – Select from List of Sets.

When duplicates are removed, any fragment specified is ignored. E.g.
These two pages will be treated as the same URL and the first one will be removed.

Refresh Page (Send To Blue)
You can select one or several Links and press Refresh Page (Send To Blue) to use KybIE to request again both the main page and all items (images etc) on the page. NB Refresh Page (Send To Blue) will cause all items to be refreshed even if they were already present in the cache.

The link will be moved to the blue list when it is requested again.

List Items Reqd / Problems
This option will only be shown when there are links with components (items reqd) that

    • have been requested but not yet received (links on the amber list)


  • were not received correctly (links on any list)

The items reqd [components] will be shown for all selected links.

Components include all items that are needed to display the page such as images or style sheets.

From the list of Items Reqd, components can be refreshed using the Refresh Item button.
If the link was already in either the green or purple list, it will be moved to the amber list when components are requested again or to the blue list if the main page is selected for refresh.

On the List of Items Reqd the status will show the reason for any problem. The Ctrl+Z key is especially useful here to see a complete list of problems if the item has been rerequested several times.

Note that when you restart KybIE all items which are not available in the KybIE cache will be (re)requested.
The list of problems shown here includes only those since you last restarted KybIE.

The problem may be simply that you lost your internet connection or it was slow. In this case requesting the file again [Refresh Page or Item] may help.

Some common problems for which requesting the file again may work are:

    • Timed out. Net connection too slow.


    • Cannot Connect to site. Either you are offline OR the domain does not exist.


    • Warning. Data may be Incomplete – Connection Lost before all data recd.


    • Warning. [Incomplete] data has been used.


  • Cancelled By User

Some common problems for which other actions may be required [refresh is unlikely to work]:

    • any message starting ‘Invalid Link’ – Probably caused by the URL in the link being incorrect. To confirm this, try the button “Go To Online version of Page” to get the page directly using IE.


    • any message starting ‘Disk Problem’ – could be caused by running out of space on your hard disk or leaving a file open in another application.


    • any message starting ‘Internal Error’ – This may be a bug in KybIE. We would like to ensure that KybIE will fetch links at any HTTP address that can fetched with Internet Explorer. Please first try “Go To Online version of Page” to get the page directly using IE. If that is successful then please report this page as a problem to


    • File on *local* drive (HDD, CD etc) does not exist – The link points to a file on your hard drive or local network and the file does not exist.


  • Option not selected to download files with that media type. See Help. – The Link was to content other than text or HTML. This could be pdf or other file type or an exe/zip for file to be downloaded etc. KybIE will show this error if that type of content is not selected as a type to be downloaded automatically. See Options – Page Fetcher n Version Check.

Ctrl+Click on the coloured counter block for the list

NB The Shift/Ctrl/Alt keys to be used with mouse button for actions on the KybIE counters screen can be changed using Options – List n Show.

The list for any colour can also be shown by pressing Ctrl and clicking the required colour block on the KybIE counters screen.

E.g. Ctrl+click the purple block to show the list of items in the purple list.

NB Mouse functions on the KybIE counters screen are not available when a list or other KybIE message is being displayed. See Mouse functions and Shortcut keys

‘Info. Link Lists. Sets – Green (complete) URL-File List’ – Program Help end.