HTML Tutorial by Example

1KeyTools use the whole web as your html tutor


Kyboma Example Extractor
Use the entire web as your HTML tutor and source of examples.
“From the simplest HTML to the most complex scripts and stylesheets, something for all levels”

“The easy way to see how others are doing it”

“Press one key to get Help on whatever you have last done”

“Also offers complete HTML analysis giving a quick and easy way to extract scripts and stylesheet blocks”

“Simply select an element and/or attribute for which you want to see examples and press E”

Free Kaspersky Download Option 

“Press one key to switch between views showing scripts, tags, stylesheet blocks or comments”

“Check out the Kaspersky versus Norton argument and decide for yourself which is the better anti virus software for you”


Kyboma Example ExtractorPrice:      $20

Download:   5.1M

Windows 95 98 ME XP or 2000