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KybIE GetEmAll Technical Support
Contact Support

Contact Support

    For general contact information click the link to see email addresses or complete the form below.

    To report a bug or problem with KybIE, please complete the form and provide as much of the info requested here as possible. If you prefer, you can also send an email to support@kyboma.co.uk

    I want to report the following problem:

    KybIE version:

    Windows Version:

    IE Version:

    [NB The Version for each of these products can be seen using About from the Help menu]

    Address or URL of page which gives problem:

    KybIE Function or Specify menu letters if known. E.g. menu HC is Help/Contents:

    Details of Problem:

    Email Address:

KBM Software - contact information

    For more information on any KBM software product, please use the form below or send an email to:
    Support@kyboma.co.uk - report a bug in any of our products
    Info@kyboma.co.uk - ask for further information
    kybIEdeveloper@kyboma.co.uk - contact KybIE development
    kybomadeveloper@kyboma.co.uk - contact Kyboma development

    Please send Me more Information about:

    Email Address:

New Version Notification and Suggestions

New Version Notification and Suggestions

    If you wish to be notified by email when a new version is released, please enter your email address here and click the Notify Me button:

    In future versions, extra features may be added.
    Which features will be added depends in part on the response of (prospective) users. A list of possible extra features will be placed here later so that you can choose which you would like to have included.
    If you would like to suggest extra features now, please do so on the form below.

    NB KybIE GetEmAll Pro users will never need to buy a new version. Purchase once and always be able to use the most recent version of GetEmAll available.
    Other new features may/will be released as a seperate KybIE product.

    Suggested Extra Feature:

    If this feature was implemented I would buy this product.
    I am a registered user (Please enter the email address with which you received your registration code).
    Clear These Options

    Email Address (optional):

System Requirements

System Requirements

    Operating system: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.Any.
    CPU / ProcessorAnyAny
    RAM / Memory32 MB 32 MB
    Hard Disk space3 MB 3 MB
    Screen area640 x 480800 x 600
    Browser IE 4.0 or aboveIE 4.0 or above
Version History and Known Problems

Version History and Known Problems

    Version 1.01
    Problems Fixed:
    10025 - "Refresh Item ..." button from "List Items Reqd / Problems" screen

    Other Changes:
    - Added Information about firewalls to installation process.

    Problems Details:

    10002 - after auto-refresh page from list with content such as PDF, the next F8 will open a new IE window.
    Problem Description:
    If a link is fetched which points to content of type application (e.g. a pdf file), a KybIE-generated page will be shown with the content type when that link is selected from the list. This KybIE-generated page automatically refreshes with the downloaded content (e.g. the pdf file).

    When F8 is next pressed a new IE window will be opened. This is incorrect. Usually a new IE window is opened automatically if you have navigated to another page by clicking a link or entering a URL.
    This is a bug. Priority: Low

    10009 - Site www.wired.com returns pages for a non compliant browser
    Problem Description:
    If any link on site www.wired.com is fetched with IE a differrent version is returned to that fetched when a link is selected and F7 used to fetch the link with KybIE
    Reason unknown. This is a bug. Priority: High

    10025 - "Refresh Item ..." button from "List Items Reqd / Problems" screen
    Problem Description:
    Program gives error (usually error 9, sometimes other errors) when select main page and then press Refresh.
    Fixed at KybIE version 1.01

    10027 - After any error border of KybIE window turns grey
    This is a bug. Priority: Low

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