GetEmAll – Grab Links – Z [F7] [Offline Browser Add-On Help]

GetEmAll – Grab Links – Z [F7]’ Help.

[Context specific help for Kyb IE Offline Browser Shortcut Keys – function: GetEmAll – Grab Links – Z [F7].]

KybIE is an offline browser add-on for internet explorer. Download the no obligation free trial now.

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‘GetEmAll – Grab Links – Z [F7]’ – Program Help start.


1. Check Get Selected on the KybIE menu
2. Select Links in Internet Explorer (IE)
3. Press F7 to GetEmAll
4. Press F8 to show next available page


Buy KybIE GetEmAll Pro Now to allow an unlimited number of Links in each set.
With KybIE GetEmAll Lite you can add 20 Links to each set

Use this option to request all or selected links from the current IE window.

Which Links are Requested
To Which List will the Links be added
How to View pages after they are retrieved

Which Links are Requested

When the GetEmAll key is used, KybIE can request

    • all links on a page


    • only links in selected part


    • only links containing specified text


    • only links starting with specified text


    • only links that are a number


  • only urls starting with or containing a specified text

Which Links will be requested is determined by the two menu options
Selected Only
Get Only Links Containing …

If both are checked then only links BOTH in the selected part of the page AND that also satisfy the Get Links Containing rule will be requested.

Additionally an option is available on the Get Links Containing Screen to “Never add the Same Page more than Once”. When this option is checked, a URL will only be added once even if several links are selected that have the same URL.

The fragment (position on the web page) part of the URL is ignored for this check. I.e. if two links specify the same page but different positions on the page (different fragments), only the first link will be added.

To Which List will the Links be added

Requested links will be added to the Blue List if the URL has never been fetched by KybIE before.

If a copy of the page is still available in the KybIE cache, the link will be added to the Amber or Green list according to whether all other files (stylesheets, images etc.) needed are also available.

See also:
When are pages/links moved between lists.
Options to specify when pages are deleted from KybIE cache.

How to View pages after they are retrieved

When pages have been retrieved they will appear on the Amber or Green lists and the counter will be updated.

Press F8 to view the next received page. See Show Next – Show Next Green.

Press Ctrl+Shift+G or A to view the list of Green or Amber pages. You can also see any errors, request files or the whole page again and show the page on which the Link was selected when the GetEmAll key was pressed. See Info. Link Lists. Sets – Green (complete) URL-File List.

GetEmAll – Get Links will usually be used with the shortcut key. The shortcut key defined when you install KybIE is F7.

Buy KybIE GetEmAll Pro Now to allow changes to all shortcut keys.
Any key can be changed or new ones defined using Info. Link Lists. Sets – Define Keys.
With KybIE GetEmAll Lite keys cannot be changed

‘GetEmAll – Grab Links – Z [F7]’ – Program Help end.

This help text will be shown when Shift+F1 is pressed after using menu item GetEmAll – Grab Links – Z [F7] on menu “GetEmAll and SavePage menu items”.

It can also be shown using menu item Help for Last Function on menu “Help”.