Enter URL to Grab and Save [Offline Browser Add-On Help]

‘Enter URL to Grab and Save’ Help.

[Context specific help for Kyb IE Offline Browser Shortcut Keys – function: Enter URL to Grab and Save.]

KybIE is an offline browser add-on for internet explorer. Download the no obligation free trial now.

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‘Enter URL to Grab and Save’ – Program Help start.

This option allows you to enter a URL to be grabbed. The url should either start http:// or www.

The page requested will be taken from the KybIE or IE cache if it is found there or queued to be fetched from the net otherwise.
The Page will be added to the current set and saved on your disk for offline viewing in the KybIE cache.

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Press Load from List to enter the full path and file name of a text file that contains a list of URLs to be grabbed. The text file should contain a url on each line, empty lines will be ignored.

‘Enter URL to Grab and Save’ – Program Help end.

This help text will be shown when Shift+F1 is pressed after using menu item Enter URL to Grab and Save on menu “”.

It can also be shown using menu item Help for Last Function on menu “Help”.