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Find n Show – Download and System Requirement

Find n Show – List of Versions / Download

Version Planned (latest) release date New features Actual release
Find n Show 1.1 20th April 2002 20th April 2002
Find n Show plus Example Extractor 1.2 28th September 2002 See Version History 28th September 2002



    • If you download Kyboma Find N Show 1.2, you will also be able to try Kyboma Example Extractor.


    • To download now, please click the link:

Download Find N Show plus Example Extractor 1.2 Now (5.2M)

Find n Show - New Version Notification and Suggestions

Find n Show – New Version Notification and Suggestions

If you wish to be notified by email when a new version is released, please enter your email address on the contact page

In future versions, extra features may be added.


    • Which features will be added depends in part on the response of (prospective) users. A list of possible extra features will be placed here later so that you can choose which you would like to have included.


    • If you would like to suggest extra features now, please do so on the form below.


    • NB Kyboma Find n Show registered users will never be required to buy a new version. Registered users will always have a supported version available to them with at least the current feature set.

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    • This applies to all features available in the current version of Kyboma Find N Show.


    • Other new features may/will be released as a seperate Kyboma product.

Find n Show - System Requirements

Find n Show – System Requirements

Required Preferred
Operating system: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP. Any.
CPU / Processor Any Any
RAM / Memory 16 MB 16 MB
Hard Disk space 12 MB 12 MB
Screen area 640 x 480 800 x 600
Browser (for show help) Not required IE 4.0 or above
or Netscape 4.0 or above
or Opera.