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Many log analysers are all about pretty pictures. This one is about digging deep into the substance and extracting numbers from your logs.

  • Get sortable lists in a spreadsheet/grid form.
  • See % changes on search engines, specific pages, search terms or even words contained within search phrases.
  • Group parts of your site to create separate reports
  • Define groups of search terms and phrases to report on the developing popularity of those
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This version has many new reports including reports on words and phrases within search terms.

It’s a must have. Try these new features and read more in the comprehensive help files. Download
Web Log Analyzer By Search Term now.

Grab pages or links offline. Internet Explorer toolbar

Welcome to 1keytools.com.
The site of KYB Software, makers of quality products such as KybIE and Kyboma since 1999 now in 2017 we are on the cutting edge of all kinds of sectors . Our latest foray is into the world of digital tv internet and broadband solutions where we can offer great fios specials for any of our clients alongside traditional product lines we offer.

1keytools.com has been redefining the way to use the Internet through its various products since June 2003. 1keytools.com was created by KYB Software, the makers of Kyboma. First released in 1999.We also recommend Carbonite.coms online backup service, get the best Carbonite promo code offers from our friends at TechCouponCode to save 30% right now or for more see the officail facebook page for the newest Carbonite Coupons and offers for 2017

Kyboma is an acronym for KeyBoard Manic. This Windows explorer replacement is a multi directory file manager with accent on easy fast convenient functions available through the keyboard.

… more on Kyboma [find files, replace, Windows explorer replacement]
offline browser addon


KybIE started first as an IE Offline Browsing and Keyboard Shortcut Add-On for IE. Allowing you to save every search session and to read results at leisure, offline. A list of one-keystroke available on all Internet Explorer (IE) windows allowed you to access saved pages and define how you wanted to use the program.

… more on KybIE [offline browsing, saving pages]
offline browser addon

Our Products

Kyb IE Offline Browsing List Maker Grab pages and make them available offline. Read easily with a shortcut key to turn to the next page on your list. Download Info
Kyboma HTML Tutorial by Example A unique HTML and script tutor for learning by example. Download info
Kyboma Find Files N Show Kyboma Find n Show will find an article or file and display the info you are searching for quickly and easily. Download Info
Web Log Analyzer By Search Term. Analysis of users is done for each keyword was used to find your site. Download Info

Download KybIE [Offline Browser add-on]
Download [HTML Tutor]
Download [Find Files]
Download [Web Log Analyzer By Search Term]

More Background On KybIE

Over the years KybIE GetEmAll has evolved and fine-tuned to include very many more functions that give us an edge to many old-fashioned off-line browser tools.

KybIE GetEmAll has now introduced Version 2.00. The New IE toolbar has dropdown menus that makes it easier for newcomers to learn the many KybIE functions. We have also incorporated new features to grab all images from a page. KybIE GetEmAll now gives you a fully functional [time limited] trial for a period of 10 days.

More Background On Kyboma

Kyboma is a full featured Windows Explorer replacement. In addition to the usual [copy, move, rename file, etc.] functions, Kyboma has many powerful features. A preview window shows the text contents of any file in the same way an email client such as Outlook Express usually does. A folder can be listed with all files in all lower level folders.

Advanced sort features allow the list, sometimes including more than 10,000 files to be sorted in sequence of any group of columns. For example by file type, within files of the same type by date modified and within each group of files also modified on the same date by name.
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Advanced find features allow a find specifying two values which must be within a few words of each other.

The interface is very keyboard orientated [although all standard mouse functions are also available]. It it sometimes experienced initially as old fashioned. This is true and deliberate, some of the old ways were better and we want to allow the benefits of new technologies without losing the advantages of old tried and trusted methods. This highly developed keyboard shortcut interface allows extra fast performance of repetetive or oft-needed tasks.

Kyboma appears in several formats. Three are described here.

  • Kyboma Find n Show is about finding and displaying the info you want quickly and easily.Using a single keystroke (F4) you will do ALL of the following:
    – find the next file containing any of the text values to find
    – display the contents of the file
    – position the display to the first value found
  • Kyboma has an equivalent free find and replace tool. Ease of use is ensured by a single interface for find-replace and all explorer (file manager) functions. Backups are made of any file before values replaced in file. More security is available using the possibility to find and show each value to be replaced as first step. Check all replace values before any files are changed.…. more [K-free Find Files n Replace]
  • Finally, 1keytools.com has also developed a version of Kyboma that finds examples of HTML and CSS to assist learning of the basic site building technologies. Kyboma Example Extractor allows you to use the entire web as your HTML tutor and source of examples.Kyboma Example Extractor will quickly and easily find examples of specific HTML elements and attributes. The program also offers complete HTML analysis giving a quick and easy way to extract scripts and stylesheet blocks for more experienced users.

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